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„Winemakers with heart and passion“

Love of wine and passion for our craft: For ten generations of Riesling is the livelihood of the Gessinger family and the winery owned by the family. The first written mention dates to the year 1680. Least since this year our family has without interruption in Zeltingen on the Mosel wine-growing.

With winemaker Alfred Gessinger flows 40 years of experience at the vineyard and wine cellar in the production of our wines. This enthusiasm he bequeathed to his daughter Sarah, who took over the winery in July 2013 and the tradition continues this enthusiasm.

Weingut Gessinger is a classic Mosel estate, measuring around 3.5 ha, planted almost exclusively to Riesling, with holdings only on blue Devonian slate, in Zeltinger Sonnenuhr, Zeltinger Schloßberg and Himmelreich (distributed under the label Blauschiefer, means blue slate), producing around 2,500 cases of wine annually. Although there are around 10 different expressions of Riesling made each year, the jewels are from the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr vineyard. Gessinger has only 2 ha of vines in the ‘sun dial’ site, but this is considerable, as the estate’s parcels are among the largest, in the 20 ha vineyard. A member of the ‘Bernkasteler Ring’, Gessinger vinifies traditionally in fuder, and while the majority of wines are in the sweeter, fruitier style, there are dry Grosses Gewachs (great growths) bottlings from the Erste Lage (first class) sites.

Im obigen Foto-Banner können Sie einen Teil unserer Weinberge in der Lage Zeltinger Sonnenuhr mit ihren Steil- und Steilstlagen sehen.

In the photo banner above you can see a part of our vineyards in the Zeltinger Sonnenuhr vineyard with its steep slopes.

Weingut Gessinger - Moselstrasse 9 - 54492 Zeltingen - Tel.: +49 6532-2369 - Fax: +49 6532-1578 - Email: kontakt(at)